About the trust

DHET is a registered charity, originally set up by members of the de Havilland Moth Club looking to help assist individuals to develop their vintage aircraft flying and engineering skills.

The Charity consists of a current board of nine Trustees which provides direction and governance to the Trust under the patronage of Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen. Trustees are professionals with a wide variety of industry and aviation backgrounds, covering vintage and modern, commercial and military, flying and engineering.

The Trust is formed into executive sub committees to undertake the various operational roles within the Trust, with fundraising events and other activities being organised in conjunction with the de Havilland Moth Club.

Since its inception in 2005, the Charity has awarded over twenty flying and engineering bursaries to deserving individuals who have gone on to develop their careers and help preserve our vintage aviation heritage.

Flying Bursaries

DHET has currently suspended its flying bursaries whilst it establishes a new scheme Read More

Engineering Bursaries

We make awards to enthusiasts and professionals embarking on or already engaged in vintage aircraft maintenance or restoration.Read More


Find out how you can support DHET by visiting out fundraising page.Read More