About de Havilland

De_HavillandOne of the objectives of DHET is to help educate the general public about the achievements of the de Havilland Aircraft Company.


In addition to a wealth of information freely available on the internet, there are several books available which are acknowledged as providing an authoritative history of Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, the de Havilland Aircraft Company and the extensive range of aircraft that it designed and produced over many decades. Some of these books are listed below.


There are also many aircraft museums open to the public in the UK, such as the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire which contain examples of de Havilland aircraft amongst other types.

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum  situated at Salisbury Hall in Hertfordshire where the DH98 Mosquito was originally designed contains an exclusive collection of de Havilland aircraft designs and is well worth a visit.

The de Havilland Moth Club

The de Havilland Moth Club provides a forum for de Havilland enthusiasts to develop and expand their knowledge of de Havilland further, through its extensive membership network, its regular club magazine, “The Moth” and through both public and private flying events which it organises throughout the year.

The club, established in 1975, boasts a membership of 1,200 and has been instrumental in promoting the preservation and continued operation of increasing numbers of vintage de Havilland aircraft throughout the world.

Membership is open to all and more information can be obtained through the membership section of the club’s website.


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